Bellydance classes in English

Bellydance Classes in English

Bellydance Classes In English
All weekly bellydance classes will start in September. Would you like to join the bellydance classes? And do you not understand the Dutch language? All dance classes will be in Dutch and in English as well. Please register for one of the weekly dance classes on Monday or Tuesday evening using the application form. At this moment there are no Bellydance classes in English on Wednesday evening. If you have never participated in any of the dance classes before, you can sign up for a trial lesson on Monday September 4 or Tuesday September 5.


For whom are the Bellydance classes in English?
These bellydance classes are especially for those who do not understand the Dutch language.

What can you expect of the Bellydance classes in English? 
These bellydance classes are in English. During these bellydance classes you will be introduced to a variety of basic movements and technics. You will learn to isolate and combine these movements. You will be introduced to the Oriental music and will learn how to dance on this music. You will improve your technic, your balance and your posture.

When are the Bellydance classes in English?
These bellydance classes will be on Wednesday evening. Would you like to participate in these bellydance classes? Mention on the registration form that you are interested in the Bellydance classes in English. This course will start as soon as there are enough participants. In the mean time you can join one of the other Bellydance classes. During all bellydance classes you will find a lot participants of different nationalities. So in all bellydance classes we often translate in English as well. For more information about the other bellydance classes go to the different classes on this page or go to the time table Lesrooster Buikdanslessen.

Where are the Bellydance classes in English?
The bellydance classes in English will be at the Koorenhuis in the centre of The Hague. For more information about the different locations go to Contact.

What should I bring to classes?
Go to Practice wear & Balletshoes at the bottom of this page to find out what you should bring to the classes.

Any questions?
Do you still have any questions after reading this? Go to Faq. Here you will find the answers on the frequently asked questions about the bellydance classes at MounaMay Bellydance school.