Bellydance Classes Performance group

Bellydance Classes Performance group

Bellydance Classes Performance group
We are currently looking for motivated dancers for MounaMay performance group. Would you like to work towards performances on diverse stages with a group of dedicated dancers? Read the requirements for taking part below.

Bellydance classes for the performance group are at this moment open for new dancers. Would you like to join the performance group? Sign up for a try out on Thursday September 20 or 27 using the application form.

Mouna & MounaMay Group
MounaMay performance group currently consists of 8 dancers. Mouna is the choreographer, but also takes part in many of the group’s performances herself. These performances are given at various festivals, events, contests and theaters. Festivals we (yearly) perform at are the Haags UIT Festival, the Shopping Night, the Museumnacht, the Haagse Grachtenpracht in the center of The Hague. And also at various international oriental festivals like Orientalicious and the Summer Bellydance Festival.
To get an impression of what the performances are like, go to Media or to our YouTube channel.

Would you like to join the performance group?
If you would like to join the performance group, it’s important that you are experienced in Oriental dance or possibly a different dance style. You have taken dance classes at intermediate or advanced level, are experienced with choreography, and preferably with performance as well. It is also important to have both the time and dedication to follow weekly classes, practice at home, and work with the group for an extended period. We are looking for dancers who are motivated and who like to challenge themselves.

Would you like to work towards performances in different venues with us? And can you meet the requirements mentioned above? Sign up now using the application form.

What can you expect from the bellydance classes for the performance group?
These are challenging classes where you will work to master choreographies to the point where you can perform them, and in some cases also work on your ability to improvise. You will learn how to transmit your dance to the audience, improving your presentation and your ability to connect with the audience and express emotion during the performance. Like in all other classes, you will also work on the expansion of your technical abilities, your body posture, balance and stamina. You will also develop your understanding of the different styles of music and dance within oriental dance.

When and where are the bellydance classes for the performance group?
The bellydance classes for the performance group are taught on Thursday evening at the Koorenhuis in the center of the Hague. For the exact times, see the Schedule Bellydance ClassesFor more information about the locations and how to reach them, see Contact.

What should I bring to classes?
Go to Practice wear & Balletshoes at the bottom of this page to find out what you should bring to the classes.

Further questions?
Did not find the answer to your question above? Try the FAQ, which answers all the most frequently asked questions about bellydance classes at MounaMay Buikdansschool.