Bellydance Classes for Intermediate & Advanced

Bellydance Classes for Intermediate & Advanced

Bellydance Classes for Intermediate & Advanced
Would you like to join the bellydance classes for intermediate and advanced? Sign up using the application form. Never danced at MounaMay Bellydance School the Hague before? Then your first class is a trial class.

For who?
Have you had some experience with oriental dance, and have you taken several intermediate or advanced level classes before? Then the bellydance classes for intermediate and advanced are perfect for you. On average completing 2 beginners or intermediate courses will prepare you to take part in the bellydance classes for intermediate and advanced.

What can you expect?
During the bellydance classes for intermediate and advanced you will work to expand on and improve your technique. You’ll also work with the different styles of oriental music and dance. You will work on improving your technique, balance, posture, using attributes, choreography, improvisation and developing your own style of dancing.

When and where?
For the exact class time see the Schedule Bellydance Classes. 
For more information about the location and how to reach us see Contact.

What do I wear?
What do you wear and what should you bring to the classes.